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This game is a must-have for every little monsters ! Made by a Gaga's fan and for all Lady Gaga's fan, this advent calendar features 28 little creatures inspired by Gaga's sense of fashion and iconic moments ! 

🎁 - 28 unique fashion monsters to discover in this game ! Each day has its own fashion monster.
🎄 - With those 28 days, wait not only for the blessed time of christmas, but also for the beginning of the ENIGMA residency !
🦌 - Interact with each fashion monsters and discover their own personnality ! Each fashion monster act differently !
🤶 - Be the parent monster to those fashion monsters ! You can take care of each one of them as soon as they are unlocked !
🦃 - Use the TV to watch or re-watch different "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving" ! Such a blessed way to enjoy the spirit of christmas !
🕯️ - Relax in the sweet atmosphere of the studio ! Interact with elements to discover hidden features !
☃️ - Make the day of other little monsters brighter by sending kind mesages online - other will receive them !
🎥 - Take photos of you with a fashion monster and update it online ! (Be aware that other user can be able to see it after).


Want to see a link to your blog or twitter account here ? Don't hesitate to promote this game and contact @hishicorne !


• All images are made and belong to @Hishicorne.
• Code and Game Design by @Hishicorne.
• The videos and the music belong to Lady Gaga and are taken from her youtube page. We don't own any right for those.
• Some people may appear in this game. Their faces and photos belong to them, obviously !


This game is 100% free, you can play it and access every feature without paying anything. However I allowed people to support this game. You can pay whatever you want (starting at 1$), and only if you want to, to support me. It would obviously mean a lot, and I'm very thankful if you consider supporting my work. Also, you may want to consider to donate to the "Born This Way Foundation", a non-profit organization created by Lady Gaga wich bring awareness over mental wellness, and work on building a kinder and braver world.

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