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/!\ INTERACTING WITH CLIENTS SHOULD WORK !!! You must right click on them WHEN they don't move anymore - wich means they'r waiting ! ;) If it still don't work, please consider downloading the standalone version, or try anoter browser (it works perfectly on google chrome) /!\

================================ What is it ?

Who are you ? Why are you here ? You don't know it. However, you know that you don't have enough power to leave this new planet you've discovered and you'r stuck here. The only thing you can do is to serve other magical girls in order to get more power, and leave this nightmare... Or stay here forever.

A pseudo experimental game made in 48 hours for the ludum dare 39, his futur depends on the feedbacks.

================================ How to play ?

Right click on clients to interact with them. It's as simple as that. Funny, uh ?

================================ Basic  recipes ?

In case you are stuck in the game, here are 4 basic recipes :

  • Sweet meal = 1x almond milk and 2x chocolate
  • Spicy meal = 1x flour, 1x chocolate, 1x butter and 1x fruits
  • Sour meal = 1x flour, 1x almond milk, 5x chocolate, 1x sugar and 1x butter
  • Bitter meal = 1x flour, 1x almond milk, 5x chocolate, 1x sugar and 1x butter

Remember that although some clients ask you sweet meal or starry meal, you could also give them other kind of meal wich could also please them (but that's not sure ! It depends of their tastes - and who knows the exact tastes of everyone he just met ?)

================================ Note

Only the HTML5 (web) version contain bug fix : in the standalones versions, there is still the bugs !

If you report a bug, make sure to do a full report : what were you doing, precisely. Otherwise I won't be able to fix it !!!

Please tell my what you thought of the game : what was good ? What was bad ? What should be added or modified ?

Please keep in mind that this game was done in only 48H, and only one developper made the code, the graphics, and the music.


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Mac OS X build 38 MB
Linux build 40 MB

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